Esschem Inc.   

For a half century, the name Esschem has been associated with leadership and innovation. From their roots as a manufacturer and supplier of custom acrylics for the dental industry, Esschem has branched out into the field of cosmetics, orthopedics, audiological materials and custom polymers and monomers for a variety of other applications.

California Chemical Specialties 

California Chemical Specialties (CCS) is the most trusted supplier of quality acrylic nail powders, nail liquids, gels and gel polish poroducts to the cosmetic industry in the USA and South America. CCS has fuelled the sucess of many of the leading professional nail care brands. For decades, they have provided technology, product customisation and supply to cosmetic companies. Today CCS continues to lead the industry with the creation and manufacture of advanced material platforms.

Esstech Inc

Esstech develops and manufactures advanced materials for many Biomedical fields as well as industries demanding distinctive technology.

Specialty Glass Inc

Founded in 1977, Specialty Glass has excelled in using innovative production techniques to become a leading manufacturer specialising in glass melting and processing for a wide range of industries within a global market.