At Esschem Europe, creating bespoke products is one of our specialities. All of our products can be tailored to meet your requirements. To do this you can send us a sample of an existing product that you require which we can colour match, or you can simply choose a colour from our already large range and change it or add other ingredients to it, subject to EU Cosmetic Directive compliance. 

All products are then recorded by the quality control department for colour using a colour i5 Spectrometer. This is a highly reliable machine, tightly engineered to provide precise colour measurements. For every product the original control sample is tested and the result saved, all subsequent batches must pass in comparison to this standard. This ensures any variation to the control in colour due to age or storage conditions is eliminated. For the majority of products a value of DEcmc<1.0 is set as the tolerance level. This figure is known to be the level at which the 'normal' naked eye can detect a colour difference. For colour matching purposes the colour i5 can be used in 2 ways; a sample submitted from a customer can be run and the colour i5 will show us the closest existing product or we can set the customer sample as the control to ensure the Esschem sample is as close as possible to it.

You can be assured of quality everytime