Our most advanced powders yet. Flow treated and sifted to achieve a crystal clear finish with transparent shades and a high clarity and brightness with colours. Available in the ST range and also in our Crystal Flow range for extra clarity and bubble free finish.  

Provides strength and durability to your nail extensions.  Dries with a velvety smooth feel, meaning less filing required for a super fine finish.

Available in a medium and faster setting formulations and in a range of transparent, semi- transparent, opaque and cover powders. Developed for use with any Esschem Europe acrylic liquids.

If you need help choosing the right powder and liquid combination for you please see our which system to choose page 

Acrylic Powders:


ST 093 is the fastest setting of the Soft Touch Powders. Suitable for experienced nail technicians and competitions. Used with any of our Esschem Europe liquids gives you between 30 seconds and 1 minute sculpting time depending on which liquid you use. Quick dry time. Available in a range of shades.  

0162 Clear
2180 Mega White
2337 Natural Pink
2308 Blush Pink
2340 Transparent Pink
2501 Bright Blush Pink
2502 Bright Pink
4280 Blizzard White

And Also in the following cover shades;

6007 Light Pink Cover
6008 Bright Pink Cover
6009 Cool Pink Cover
6010 Warm Pink Cover
6011 Deep Pink Cover
6013 Bright Light Pink Cover
6014 Platinum Cover
6015 Camouflage 
6016 Dark Cover
6021 Warm Beige
6054 Soft Pink Cover

ST094 is a medium fast setting powder, therefore more suited to students, beginners or a technician who just prefers a little longer to sculpt. A good all rounder. Used with Esschem Europe liquids, gives between 1 minute 20 and 2 minutes sculpting time, depending on the liquid. Available in the following shades;

0162 Clear
2501 Bright Blush Pink
2308 Blush Pink
2337 Natural Pink
2398 Opaque Pink
2502 Bright Opaque Pink
2561 Milky Pink
2952 Bright Pink
2180 White
2304 Natural White
4276 Ultra White
4280 Blizzard White
4271 Milky Pink 
4272 Pink
4273 Natural White


Also available in the following cover shades;

6008 Bright Pink Cover
6010 Warm Pink Cover
6013 Cover Bright Light Pink
6014 Platinum
6023 Cover Light Pink

Crystal Flow
Our Crystal Flow Polymer has been specially created in Crystal Clear and Transparent Pink shades. The particle size distribution has been designed specifically to ensure your acrylic bead has the highest clarity,making large bead application totally bubble free. 

The Crystal Flow Polymer is perfect for stiletto, nail art and overlays. 

Available in CFP0000 Crystal Clear and CFP 2308 Transparent Pink fast set homopolymer Blizzard White CFP4280

Crystal flow is designed to work with any Esschem Europe liquids


Y381 is a highly pigmented, very fine, coloured powder which is suitable to be used with Esschem Europe monomer as a nail art powder or to be used with resin as a dip powder. This powder has been manufactured for optimised colour vibrancy and depth. 

These powders have been manufactured with EU compliant pigments and are available now, exclusively from Esschem Europe. 

Shade guides will be available to view soon. 

For samples of this product please contact your account manager


The Powder / Liquid Acrylic System

An acrylic powder bead is made by polymerising a monomer in a heated reactor which then converts the monomer into a polymer bead. This process is called suspension polymerisation. 
When a single monomer is polymerised, for example, Ethyl Methacrylate, the bead produced is called Poly Ethyl Methacrylate and is usually referred to in the nail industry as 'fast setting' due to the fact that it absorbs ethyl methacrylate quickly and gels into a bead quickly, limiting possible working time. 
When two monomers are polymerised in a reactor, such as Ethyl and Methyl Methacrylates, a Copolymer bead is produced which is a mixture of two polymers within the bead itself. These are referred to as 'medium setting' Copolymers and offer more sculpting time.
The beads themselves are made with variations. For example, the particle size of the bead can be adjusted, as well as the composition, ie. the ratio of the monomers inside. The affect of lowering the particle size can be more rapid absorption of the liquid and reduced working time since the overall surface area is increased. Clarity can be improved also. The beads can also be adjusted to be more free flowing.
Beads are made clear, colour is added using ball mills and blending equipment. When the bead is made a catalyst is also used, this ends up in the bead as residual peroxide. The main activator is Benzoyl Peroxide ( BPO), although Esschem Europe also manufacture amine/ peroxide free powders. See BPO free powders 


L134 Polymers are specifically designed and manufactured Polyethylmethacrylate beads which contain no catalyst. They are designed for use with P720 UV Cure Liquid. The system is virtually odourless and requires a UV lightbox to cure. Cure for 3 minutes.
Available in the following shades

0000 Clear
2180 Mega White
2308 Trans Pink
3501 Natural Pink