Use of a bonder or base gel with a gel polish or 3 step builder gel is essential to promote longer gel adhesion. These gels, with the exception of Colour Pop, which is used under Opaque colour gels, can be used with  Esschem Europe Builder gels, or under Mercury Pro Gel Polish. All of these products are available in filled units or in bulk.

CPB 002  

Colour Pop. A Bright White base coat to be used under Esschem Europe opaque colour gel which creates maximum
colour effect, brightness and gloss.Improves opacity.  Brings colours to life. Use in place of base or bonder gel. 

MPB 164 
A specially formulated base to fill out any ridges and create a beautifully smooth base for your colour coat to adhere to. This gel soaks off.  Cures 1 minute UV or 60 seconds LED.