Coloured Gel Paint is a heavily pigmented, simple to use, easily mastered way of creating beutiful designs on nails. It combines the versatilityof paint with the coverage and strength of gel. The Gel Paint will not dry or set until you cure it, so you can take as long as you require to perfect your design. 

Esschem Europe Gel Paint is available in 3 ranges, all 3 Gel Paints are UV and LED cure and file off the nail to remove. All 3 are available in a range of 20, bright, non fading colours which can be blended or mixed together to create unique colours and designs. 


A self levelling, dry surface finish gel. Very highly pigmented. Created to draw sharp, fine lines with no feathering or flow. Perfect for detailed design. Thin viscosity, so can be used over any enhancement without creating too much bulk. One coat coverage. File off to remove. 


A Gel Paint with the same viscosity and features as GP2 but cures with a tacky layer for foil imprinting. File off to remove. 


A thicker viscosity than GP2 and GP3. Can be used to give artwork a raised outline that isn't possible with GP2 and GP3. Very highly pigmented. Has a deep and intense colour with only 1 layer and a dry surface glossy finish to enable you to add finishing touches to your design without additional layers of top coat. File off to remove.