Esschem Europe gloss gels are to seal and protect your gel enhancements or gel polish manicure providing a high gloss, chip free, long lasting finish.

DSC 0001
A  non yellowing,dry surface finish gel that cures to a high gloss finish. Can be worn over any Esschem Europe gel. Cures 1 minutes UV or 60 seconds LED.;

Mercury Pro Gloss Coat. Gives your gel polish a super shiny finish. Soaks off the nail. Cures 1 minute UV or 30 seconds LED. 

A thicker viscosity top coat, perfect for encapsulating glitters or nail stickers or if you prefer a thicker top coat

Mercury Pro Gloss Coat with added optical brightener which gives the gel a UV, Violet glow. Cures 1 minute UV, 30 seconds LED.