Several specialty liquid formulations are supplied by Esschem Europe for use with the specialised acrylic polymers. The liquids are blended and shaded to give optimum performance for mixing nature, cure time, colour stability and shelf life.

The liquids are sold in bulk drums (20 litres min) or finished filled units. They are available in standard shades of Violet ( 1000) Dark Violet ( 5000) and Blue (2000)  

They have carefully controlled catalyst levels and inhibitor levels to meet EU regulatory compliance and all pigments and dyes are CI approved. All of our liquids are MMA free and with the exception of the UV cure liquid, are HEMA free also. 


Acrylic Liquids:

P011 Liquid has additional methacrylates and monomers  make the bond to the nail plate more effective than usual liquids. Using a primer together with P011 provides superior adhesion. Use with ST093 for reduced sculpting time, use with ST094 for longer sculpting time.


Good adhesive qualities but still requires a primer. Fast cure speed when used with ST093 powders. More sculpting  time when used with ST094. 

A good all round liquid. Perfect for students or beginners when used with ST094 powders. Requires use of a primer.  Used with ST093 powders, slightly reduces sculpting time but still medium fast setting. 

A medium setting liquid. Requires the use of a Primer. Medium sculpting time with ST093 powders. Slightly reduced  sculpting time when used with ST094 powders

Good quality and great value for money liquids. The P785 liquid used with ST094 powders is an ideal combination for  students and beginners as it gives longer sculpting time.  The P787 is a very fast setting liquid. Suitable for competitions with ST093. Both liquids require use of a primer.

A slightly more flexible liquid. Suitable for use with ST093 or ST094.  Requires use of a Primer.

A low odour liquid, suitable for mobile technicians or in environments where typical acrylic monomer smell can be an issue. Inherently slower  than other liquid, powder combinations. Typical dry time is 6+ minutes. 

Amine free, therefore suitable in retail systems when used with L134 BPO free powder. A low odour powder liquid system that requires a  UV or LED light box to cure. 

A superfast curing nail art liquid, crystal clear. Unsuitable for use with standard acrylic powders.