I003 Super Shine Wipe Off I003 0000

This solution is for removing the dispersion film or sticky layer from the surface of gel after curing. It leaves behind a super shiny surface that gives your gel the perfect finish.

I044 Optima Wipe Off Solution  I044

A solution for removing the sticky layer from cured gels, leaves a high shine

I204 2002RP Multi Use Cleanser

This alcohol based Cleanser is for cleaning  hands, nails, instruments and workstations. It degreases and cleans and leaves the skin feeling fresh without drying the skin out.

I011 Brush Cleaner  I011

Cleans the residue from acrylic and gel brushes. Can be fragranced and coloured.

I048 Nail and File Cleaner

An antiseptic solution to clean and disinfect both nails and also nail files

I207 Alcohol Hand Gel

For cleansing the hands without the use of water. Leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean preparing the hands for manicure.

NEW I170 0000 Ultra Prime I170

An Acid Free Primer with adhesion promoter which gives a perfect base for acrylic enhancement. Leaves behind a slightly sticky base. 

I140 Nail Prep and Scrub I140

An alcohol based natural nail cleanser and nail prep which temporarily dehydrates the nail plate in preparation for gel or acrylic enhancement.
Using nail prep and scrub prior to using a nail primer ensures that the nail surface is clean of any oils or contaminants which could cause lifting or impair adhesion. I140 also contains an ingredient
which may prevent the possibility of bacterial infection.

I150 Patented Acid Free Primer I150

This is a methacrylic acid free primer to use with an acrylic system. It is a clear solution. Applied sparingly to the nail, the solution then evaporates quickly leaving an adhesive film on which to apply the acrylic. The product is non -hazardous and causes no damage to the nail plate.

I053 Tip Blender

Paint over the seam of the tip and leave for a few minutes. Cuts blending time to a minimum.

I006 Acetone Based Gel Soak Off I006

This gel remover formulation  has advantages over using  pure acetone as it doesn’t dry out the cuticles and surrounding skin like pure acetone.
The blend is effective without being harsh on the hands .The solution can be used by soaking nails in a dish or used with remover pads,

I024 Tip remover solution 

 A solution to remove acrylic nail extensions and melt plastic tips. Doesn’t dry out the nails and skin like pure acetone. The solution can be used by soaking nails in a dish or used with remover pads.

I001 Acetone I001

This premium Acetone is 100% pure.  Available with added fragrances and colour.

I031 Non Acetone Polish Remover I031

This polish remover effectively removes polish from the nails without drying. Available in a range of colours and added fragrances.

I002 Acetone based Polish Remover

An effective polish remover with an Acetone Base.