Esschem has been involved in dental materials for prosthetics for over 60 years.
Esschem manufactures acrylic bead polymers for a variety of applications from tooth production,to denture base, orthodontics and temporary crown and bridge resins, and offers these as clear polymers or shaded systems. Raw materials for the liquids are also sold, or fully finished formulated monomers are available in bulk or in filled units if required. Esschem does not brand any systems, so the manufacturer is responsible for the final device.
Through our affiliates, Esschem Europe can also provide a wide range of raw materials for composite and restorative manufacture.Base oligiomers, diluent monomers, cross linkers and adhesives are the speciality materials, and  glass fillers are also in the range.Many products are unique and specially purified for the dental compounders and available in a range of inhibitor packages.