High Impact Polymer for Denture Base

EVIDENT is a brand new, High Impact Polymer synthesised using Esschem proprietary technology. Tested using Esschem S910 monomer, EVIDENT has been independently evaluated to exceed all ISO 20795-1 standards. 
ISO 20795-1 testing was conducted by NIOM ( Nordic Institute of Dental Materials) of Oslo, Norway. Systems composed of EVIDENT polymer and S910 liquid comply with all requirements, including;
  • Bonding to synthetic teeth
  • No porosity
  • Packing plasticity
  • Solubility
  • Residual monomer content
  • Total fracture work
  • Translucency
  • Homogeneity of powder
  • Colour stability
  • Sorption
  • No processing distortion
  • Maximum strength integrity
  • Ultimate flexural strength
  • Flexural modulas
High impact strength: The 'Gold Standard' in the dental industry is the notched IZOD impact test. This demonstates the ability of the polymer to absorb a critical shock. 

Testing was conducted by Element materials Technology of New Berlin, WI. Notched IZOD impact testing was performed in accordance with ASTM D 256, Method A. The testing was performed at ambiant laboratory conditions of 22.8ºc and 47% relative humidity on a pendulum test instrument. Fo rthis method, a hammer with a total energy of 2.75J was utilised. Prior to testing, the samples were conditioned for a minimum of 40 hours at ambiant laboratory conditions 23 +/-2º c and 50+/-10% relative humidity. 

EVIDENT is resistant to failure. Toughness is achieved by a proper balance of strength and flexibility. The finished denture must be able to stand up to use over a period of time. 

Testing was conducted using Shimadzu Universal Tester, model number AGS-JSTD (500N load cell capacity). Evaluated sample dimensions of 8mm (L) x 3mm (W) x 3 mm (W) with a 3 point flexure test at ambiant conditions; stroke force of 10N, 10mm/min limit until maximum load, sampling interval 50msec.

EVIDENT is available in 5 standard shades and also in clear. Is Cadmium and Phthalate free, made using only FDA compliant pigments and available with or without veins.