Esschem Europe supply a range of synthetic fibres for customers utilising Esschem powders, which allows the compounder to customise the materials and create more aesthetically pleasing acrylic dentures. The fibres are manufactured from acetate or rayon and come in several sizes. Esschem Europe supply raw fibres, but also some fibre / polymer blends which are conducive to easier blending and more cost effective
Fibre / Polymer Blends
S504 5201 Red Acetate 1/16 inch fibre and polymer
S504 5202 Red Acetate 1/8 inch fibre and polymer
S064 5202 Red Acetate fibre 1/8 inch
S064 5201 Red Acetate fibre 1/16 inch
S064 5206 Red Rayon fibre 1/16 inch
S064 5207 Red Rayon fibre 1/8 inch