Esschem Europe manufactures finished monomers for a variety of prosthetic dental systems, from heat and cold cure liquids to orthodontic and temporary reline liquids. These catalysed and cross linked systems are made in the UK and are ready to use, all of these liquids can be sold in bulk or in filled units to the clients wishes. High quality materials are used and colour stability and purity are key attributes.

All formulations include UV absorbers and cross linkers
S909 0000 Heat cure clear monomer, Cross linked, standard
S910 0000 Heat cure clear monomer, high level cross linker
P833 0000 Direct boil liquid for polymer B174
P907 0000 Self cure monomer, standard clear, standard
P904 0000 Self cure monomer, standard clear, fast
P771 0000 Self cure monomer, blue tinted
U787 0000 Liquid clear, soft for use with L060 powders
S913 0000 Heat Cure soft monomer ( use with L019 powders) 
U766 0000 Impression liquid pink
U786 0000 Impression liquid clear