Esschem Europe synthesises acrylic bead polymers and offers many variants on the polymer bead specification. PMMA beads can be made where the particle size, molecular weight and BPO level can be controlled. Beads can be made BPO free, or have residual bpo up to several %. The molecular weight of the beads can be made from 50,000 up to 2 million. The low molecular weight polymers can be used as fillers for example in acrylic systems and the higher mol weight materials for the manufacture of artificial teeth. The particle size can be controlled from 10 micron to up to 200 micron in the reactor. 

Substrates with residual BPO
Product Code Molecular Weight Mean Particle Size BPO Level Notes
E176 0107 approx 1.5 million 60 µm 0.3 max Excellent clarity and physical properties. Often used in conjunction with a cross linked bead for tooth manufacture
E053 0145 750 - 1 million 40µm 0.3 Excellent clarity
E053 0081   60µm 0.3 Excellent clarity
A002 0000 750 65µm 0.4 A base PMMA homopolymer 
PMMA Substrates, BPO Free
Product Code Mean Particle Size Notes
D057 0152 90µm  
D057 0153 120µm A Course  PMMA Homopolymer
D057 0114 60µm  
D252 0000 10µm Microspheres, very low residual monomer
D161 0000   Molecular weight approx 50,000