Esschem Europe has been a major supplier of bone cement materials for several decades. We manufacture acrylic polymers for use in formulations and work with our clients to produce customised materials within the specification required.

The most trusted source for high grade acrylics for dental, cosmetic and biomedical applications is equally accomplished in the production of polymer substrates and monomers for orthopedic bone cement systems. For the past 30 years, manufacturers of bone cement products have relied on Esschem for their key compounds.

Formulations for bone cement can vary greatly. The different devices marketed to deliver the cement at the surgical site must meet any number of specifications for viscosity, curing time and more. Over the past quarter century, we have partnered with bio- medical companies to develop products  that perform precisely and reliably under the most exacting circumstances. Today, our compounds are being used in cardiac and cranial implants as well as orthopedic applications.

Computer controlled reactions and special sifters are employed to produce polymers of precise particle size. Esschem is also available to accurately control the addition of Benzoyl peroxide or other catalysts and/ or radio opaque materials such as barium sulphate. Monomers are shipped in dedicated stainless steel drums to assure purity in transit.

The main types of polymers are the approved formulations:

  • PMMA
  • PMMA/ Styrene
  • PMMA/ Methyl Acrylate

The customisation of the beads is our speciality and the beads are customised for:

  • Molecular weight
  • Particle size distribution and mean
  • Residual peroxide from zero up to 5%

Esschem Europe will work with our clients to achieve the polymer blend composition required to meet the application.