Legal Requirements and Information 

Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 Article 19 states the following information must be present on the label of a cosmetic product;
  1. the name or registered name and address of the responsible person
  2. the county of origin for cosmetic products imported into the EU
  3. the nominal content at the time of packaging, given by weight (g) or by volume (ml)   NOTE ; Esschem Europe fill to minimum volume rather than average so the 'e' symbol is not required. 
  4. the period after opening information
  5. particular precautions to be observed in use ( please refer to the Cosmetic Product Safety Report provided by Esschem ) 
  6. the function of the cosmetic product if it is unclear from its presentation 
  7. a list of ingredients. The list shall be preceded by the term 'ingredients'. For products marketed in several colour shades all colourants in the range may be listed, provided that the words 'may contain' or the symbol' +/-' are added. The CI ( Colour Index) nomenclature shall be used, where applicable. 

Cosmetic products which are in the finished state and intended for the final user are exempted from the provisions of the CLP therefore the diamond warning symbols are not required. 

Esschem offer an artwork checking service for all customers, the cost of this is £10.00 per label.

Artwork can be sent in JPEG format via email to your account manager, this can be accepted in the following formats, Illustrator CC, Quark, In-Design, Art Pro 8 or HIgh res PDF. If you are sending your atwork via PDF file please convert fonts to outline (Paths) and if possible supply 1.5mm bleed. 

Labels can be provided from your own suppliers or we can help you source them. Please make sure that your labels are always RHS leading outside wound on 76mm cores, and that they have a maximum diametre of 250mm. 

All set up and origination costs relating to lables and direct printiing will be covered by the customer, This includes labels,printing plates,label cutters, artwork design and origination, screen print and print screens.